The Hit-and-Run – The Night It All Went Wrong

It is one of the best weekends you have had in months. Friday night you partied hard, slept all day Saturday, and then got a call from friends about meeting at your favorite restaurant for a quick dinner before heading out to a club to relieve some stress. You shower, dress, and grab your keys as you down the last of your coffee before heading out the door. The world is at your feet as you get to the restaurant and look for a parking place. That is when it happens; someone whacks your car from behind with such tremendous force that you are thrown forward against the steering wheel. Then you notice the car that hit you is speeding away. Here are three things you should do next.

Call 911

The first thing you should do is call 911. If you or someone with you were seriously injured, don’t move them. Wait for help to arrive. If you can remember anything about the vehicle that struck your car, write the details down while they are fresh in your mind because time can alter your recollection.

Take Photographs

Use your phone to snap photos of your car, the damage, the crowd, the area, and anything else that may be important in the future. If your car was forced into another car, take photos of that vehicle as well.

Seek Witnesses

Ask those people near the area if they witnessed the accident, and if you find anyone that did see what happened, ask them if they would be willing to come forward with the information. If they agree, get their names and phone numbers for your Tampa car accident attorney.

If you are seriously injured, make sure to go to a doctor, and when you finally get home, call your insurance company and your attorney and let them both know what happened. Your attorney can often help you find medical care and deal with the insurance company for you.