The Bail Bond System Explained

If you find that someone you know is in jail, you will likely want to find out how to get them out as quickly as possible. They would almost certainly appreciate that gesture as well. When an individual is behind bars, they are not always in the best position to secure their own release. That is where you can come into the picture. If your friend or loved one is offered bail, you will want to be ready with the information that they need to get released and sent back home as quickly as possible.

What is Bail?

Quite simply, bail refers to the procedure by which a person who has been arrested is released from jail pending trial. The catch is that a certain amount of money must be given to the court in order to serve as a guarantee that the individual will make their court appearances at a later date. The process can be further explained to you when you use a Harrisburg bail bondsman. The cash that is posted must be given over to the court before the release is complete.

What Happens When a Person is Arrested?

In order for bail to even become an issue, a person has to first be arrested. When this happens, the normal course of the action is for the individual to be taken to jail. It is there that the person is booked and the charges against him or her are further defined. Depending on the nature of the alleged crime, a bail hearing may be set. In many jurisdictions, a bail schedule is already in place. This is a predetermined amount that judges will use to invoke bail based on the crime and the criminal record of the individual. Some crimes do require a more in-depth hearing, and the prosecution can always make the argument that bail should be denied.

If you know someone who is in jail, you should begin making calls right away to determine what the possibility of bail is. There are options if you do not have all of the cash needed. You can use your property as collateral, but it all begins with that initial contact.