Reasons for Denied Worker’s Compensation


When you are working for your employer, you are expecting to perform in a safe environment without fearing for your safety. Employers take out insurance policies to ensure that they are not personally liable for any injuries that take place at the place of operation. With this said, accidents do happen, and employees are injured every known and then. If you have been injured at work before, you were likely told to file a claim for worker’s compensation. Injuries at the workplace are taken very seriously by the law, and the courts typically side with the injured party. However, it is possible that a worker’s compensation claim can be denied. These denials occur across the country, and this holds for Portland, OR. There are a few reasons as to why you were denied workers compensation Portland or.

Reporting Too Late

Depending on the state you work in, there are guidelines about how soon a worker’s compensation claim should be filed. If your recent request was denied, it is possible that you submitted the claim past the final date. For the most part, states require employees to file a few days after the injury occurs. If you do not follow this procedure, you may be stuck paying for any medical expenses for your injury.

Disputing Your Claim

Employers take these claims seriously and want to ensure that your injury did not result from horseplay or goofing around the workplace. With this said, if your employer feels this is the case, they will likely deny your claim immediately. Aside from horseplay, your employer may have other extenuating reasons as to why claims can be rejected. While you are not anticipating on injuring yourself at work, it is essential to understand what is and is not covered by the employer. In these instances, it is possible that the claim will be denied repeatedly.