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The Role of Litigation Lawyers

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If you’re thinking of hiring a litigation lawyer to help you with a civil suit, you might be wondering what exactly a lawyer can do for you throughout the case. The legal system can be complicated, so it helps to know exactly what to expect from your lawyer.

While the common image of a lawyer involves pacing around a courtroom, litigation lawyers are actually involved in all aspects of the process, including:

  • Initial case assessment and investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pre-trial
  • Trial
  • Settlement
  • Appeal


Before anything can really start, your lawyer will need to conduct an assessment of the case. The purpose of this step is to determine if enough evidence exists to take the case forward. Once the assessment is complete, your lawyer can advise you on the next steps to take.

If the case has enough evidence to go to trial, your lawyer will begin investigating. This can involve a variety of steps, including locating and interviewing witnesses, collecting documents, and investigating all facts and evidence related to the case.


Your lawyer’s role in pleadings will depend on whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant. A plaintiff’s attorney will draft a summons and complaint, which initiates the lawsuit, while a defence attorney will draft responses and perhaps counterclaims.

Litigation lawyers may draft other documents as well, including motions to dismiss the case, strike evidence or change the location of the trial. At this point, it could be possible for your lawyer to draft motions that make a court appearance unnecessary.


The purpose of the discovery process is for the two sides in the case to exchange information so that both lawyers are well-informed. Information can be gathered in a variety of ways. Your lawyer might use depositions or lists of questions for the opposing side, or they might request documents from the other party and ask that the documents be admitted as evidence. They may also examine physical evidence, often with the aid of an expert.


At this stage, your lawyer will be wrapping up discovery and preparing for trial by retaining witnesses, attending conferences, developing strategies and advising you. During the pre-trial stage, your lawyer will also prepare depositions from witnesses, prepare any evidence that will be used as exhibits, and put forward necessary motions, such as motions to admit or remove evidence.


It’s possible that your case will be settled before the trial. However, if the case does go to trial, your lawyer will focus on presenting the case to the judge. Your lawyer will also be involved in selecting a jury, giving statements, and questioning and cross-examining witnesses. Behind the scenes, your lawyer will spend a lot of time preparing arguments and advising witnesses about how to handle their role in the trial.


If the case doesn’t go to trial, it will be because the two sides reached a settlement beforehand. Your lawyer can settle at any point in the process. Settlement proceedings involve a lot of negotiation with the other party, and possibly mediation with a third party. Your lawyer will also draft documents during the settlement process to document offers and agreements.


If litigation lawyers believe a decision is wrong, they can appeal by presenting evidence that the court reached an incorrect decision. This involves filing post-trial motions, gathering evidence and researching laws.

Top 5 Reasons Doctors Face Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

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Avoiding medical malpractice lawsuits is an inherent concern for all physicians and healthcare facilities. With more than 20,000 medical malpractice claims filed annually, and more than 120,000 cases of medical negligence reported, preventing such liability is a top priority for all healthcare personnel. Malpractice claims account for roughly 15% of the wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits filed in the US each year. Healthcare providers can train staff to prevent lawsuits by reviewing the top 5 reasons why doctors face medical malpractice lawsuits.

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1.      Injuring a Patient During Treatment

Almost one third of physicians have faced lawsuits for causing patient injury during the course of treatment. Such cases are typically filed when the injury results in disability or death, although they can result from minor injuries as well. Common hospital and clinic acquired injuries include bedsores, falls and other impact-related injuries (i.e. – strains and fractures), and secondary infections caused by negligence or improper patient hygiene practices. Patient injuries are some of the most common issues dealt with by specialist medical malpractice lawyers.

2.      Failure to Properly Diagnose

More than 30% of doctors have faced a malpractice lawsuit due to the improper diagnosis of a patient’s condition. Thus, it’s imperative for doctors to become familiar with the guidelines for diagnostic screening and testing, especially those that call for the confirmation of the initial diagnoses. Misdiagnosing a patient can lead to serious complications due to the postponed treatment of their actual condition. Furthermore, there’s also the risk of adverse reactions to wrongly prescribed medications and procedures. Doctors need to be confident in their diagnosis or refer the case to a specialist as soon possible to avoid the possibility of a lawsuit.

3.      Improper Treatment of a Patient’s Condition

Properly diagnosing a patient is only the first half of the equation. Improperly treating a patient’s condition can lead to complications that give rise to medical lawsuits. Doctors should be careful to closely follow treatment protocols and ensure that all nursing staff are knowledgeable about such issues as well.Healthcare-acquired infections(HAIs)– illnesses acquired during the process of treatment – have become a more widespread problem than the flu, tuberculosis, and HIV. Delaying treatment or failing to inform the patient about critical details could also lead to a lawsuit related to improper treatment.

4.      Medication Prescription Errors

Prescribing the wrong medications or doses is another highly common cause for medical malpractice lawsuits against doctors. Medication related errors result in the accidental death of almost 100,000 patients each year. Additionally, millions more are injured or driven further into poor health through improper medication prescriptions or administration practices.

5.      Inadequate or Inaccurate Medical Documentation

Poor documentation is the 5th most common cause of medical malpractice lawsuits faced by physicians in the US. Failing to record and store critical information in the patent’s electronic health record (EHR) can lead to mistakes made by future care providers. Doctors are advised to utilize the assistance of medical scribes to ensure full and accurate documentation.

Working with Patients Can Rectify Some Issues

Although facing a malpractice suit can be intimidating, sometimes it’s possible to fix the situation before a claim is filed.Thus, it’s best to contact the patient and review all options before conceding to a court proceeding.

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